Just ordered my new Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooooooo Happy.

Ok I'm done

Might make a video once I get it too.
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well done, i too want one.

that guitar is fast becoming one of the most popular on this forum, for a reason.
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I have one in black cherry. Verry nice guitar. It's a bit difficult to set it up, but it is totally worth it. It comes set up with 10-46 guage strings tuned to E.
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oh man, too bad, i heard they just started making them out of pine. the new ones are going to be just awful.

ha! gotcha. i joke, good luck

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Thanks people, got it in black cherry. Played one at the guitar center and it's just beautiful and plays twice as good as it looks. It's like christmas only I won't sleep for a month since they're on back order.
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Awesome dude, i just got one of those about a month guitar and it is sikkkkkk
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enjoy...i was gonna sell mine by im keeping it...decided i did like it after all...i can relate to ur excitement
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