Im trying to do some metal songs with my ux2/gearbox but so far i havent really been able to get a good tight sound. Im not sure if it is my lack of ability with the eq or just that the amps are not really hi gain. I only have the standard effects, none of the extras. My first question is are there any settings that you can suggest to get Cob, in flames, kalmah etc etc tones. If not, is the metal shop add on worth etting ti achieve these tones?
I use gearbox as well (with guitarport XT) and it is really hard to get a good distorted sound, especially for crisp crunchy chords that die quickly. I play a lot with the "CAB/ER" and the mic type and positioning. And when I use a stop box model in the mix I try to keep the drive of the amp & the stomp box as high as possible but the gain on the stomp box low. I have the Metal Shop add-on and while there are some great tones there, the digitalness of the Line 6 distortions come with it as well unfortunately.
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well its not the digital sound that bothers me, its that with the hi gain amps are ver fizzy and i want to get a tight metal sound for good chugga chugga. I can get good leads, its the rythm mostly.