im interesting in just how well flamed maple finishes will last for example the guitairs in the ibanez SA series

how tough is a Mahogany body/ Flamed Maple top guitar? will it scratch easily? will it take knocks badly?

also, due to them not having pick guards, is a stray pick gonna leave scratches if not careful?

thanks in advance
It will be as durable as the finish on any guitar.
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I have a yamaha rgx 520fz. Which is mahogany with a maple top as well. There's some very minor scratches near the pick area. Maple is a very hard wood, not that prone to scratching.
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theres 2 finishes to a guitar: a satin finish (most likely seen on cheap acoustics) and theres the gloss finish.
the satin tends to dent for easily because it only has 1 or 2 layers of the coating. a gloss finish has way more coatings and therefore is more resistant to dents and scratches.
as long as you dont use a really hard pick, the guitar should be fine.
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