k so this guy keeps making groups pages and events about me on facebook, and i want to get him really pissed off, any ideas?
no im not going to rape, kill or cum blood
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Do you know him in real life? If you do you could get some pretty shameful pics of him and put em online. Or even videos.
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a girl on the interwebz?

You have 2 options.

1. Tits.
2. GTFO.


I believe that's called cyber-bullying...
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
urggh ignore it? facebook sucks any.

Make groups back bout him, take incriminating pictures of him, beat him,chase him around with a bebe gun.
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I believe that's called cyber-bullying...

This, or spam his e-mail with goatse

400 e-mails of "Goatse" will soon shut him up.
dude im not sure but i think what he is doing is called cyber bullying. if the pages say harsh things about you i think the police can get involved or you can report him.

that is if he doesnt have your permission of course.

oh and the cyber bullying thing was something they talked about at school
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