hey there. i was just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to buy a car woofer and change it into a bass cab. thatd be pretty bad ass in my opinion because there are some awesome ones out there.
yeah, i don't know about anything, thats why i'm hopeing someone does.

note: i haven't bought one, i'm going to find out if its even possible before i do.
it'd sound like bassy ****e, because their frequency ranges are so low

and theyre normally only 100W rms anyway (1000w peak my arse)
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If you mean you want to take some car sub woofers, install them in a bass cab and hook that up to your amp head.

You can do this but you need to make sure of a few things: the imputence Ohms of the speaker needs to match the Ohms rating of the amps output or you could potentially blow your amp.

Wiring mulitple speakers together is a different story, thier Ohms rating changes depending on how you wire them together and the lower the Ohms rating the hotter an amp will be pushed. If you wire 2 speakers in parrallel then you will want to divide their Ohms rating by 2. For example: if you were to wire two 4 Ohm speakers in parrallel they would be rated at 2 Ohms. If you were to wire those same two 4 Ohm speakers in series then you would need to multiply them together. and you'd be running at 8 ohms. There should be more info out there in world wide web cause I'm not sure what happens when you start getting into wiring 2 or more together.

Will is sound good? Probably not, they're designed to work on a cross over and have nothing higher than around 250mhz, so you'd loose any brightness you may want from your tone. In other words it will be too boomy and sound too sloppy.
To be honest if you don't know what your doing. DON'T DO IT, as it will be costly and you could end up blowing the speaker if you did it wrong plus its more than likely to be more expensive than buying a 15" Woofer.

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