Greetings all! Sorry for just joining to shout for help however I honestly have no idea about how to tune into this tuning. Everytime i've tuned a guitar i've been using www.howtotuneaguitar.org and it has had the tuning i've been looking for, however no longer. Wanted to play Rammstein's Klavier, and now I have this problem. I would be very happy if anyone could help me describe how to tune my guitar into this tuning. The best would be if you told me how to do it through www.howtotuneaguitar.org, however any help is greatly appreciated.

- Regards, Yagami. / Sweden
dude its an ad....

buy a tuner

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dude its an ad....

buy a tuner


there's something very spammy about this thread
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Shreadhead22 had nothing helpful to say to me. He just immediatly started being a prick.

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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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They have a Ultimate Tuning Thread in Guitar and Bass Basics I think...Check that thread. But I recommend you to get a chromatic tuner.
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