I'm trying to get out of the the rut I seem to have fallen in, i.e. listening to nothing but heavy and dark sounding music. Which pretty much sums up all my playlists of the last 10 years...but I'm really stressed out lately and I decided instead of wallowing in my self-pity I'd switch things around and put a positive face on s***....being such a fan of music I find this much easier when I'm listening to some nice upbeat stuff.... I'm looking for some nice instrumental rock preferably in a major key(as I'm trying to switch to a more upbeat mood) and preferably with a minimum of fretboard wankage. Some shredding is fine, I like shredding just as much as the next guitarist, but I'm more interested right now in hearing melody. I said preferably major...but minor is good too, just as long as its inspiring and doesn't drag you down. This is somewhat along the lines of what I'm looking for :

http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/instructor/Trond-Vold ( Download the mp3s)

Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't know anything along these lines...I did some searching but didn't find much. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

P.S. I think I put this in the right forum...but then again I'm notorious for posting in the wrong forum...sometimes on the wrong site.

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Those mp3s on that site are all...depressing. And definitely not in major key.

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
Joe Satriani - Summer Song, Starry Night, Friends, If I Could Fly
Steve Vai - Juice, Die to Live
Paul Gilbert - Straight Through the Telephone Pole
John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss
Nice, thanks for the input wasp and kartman. I'm really enjoy these...I'm going through all the Satch suggestions right now...I feel kinda stupid for not having thought of Satch earlier...considering I used to listen to him like everyday when I was around 12.

@wasp2020 : Yeah they are pretty sorrowful and def not major, I was just using them as examples to show the kind of thing I was looking for...i.e. the instrumental melodies.

EDIT : okay...how is that for coincidence eh? Kartman posts Rasberry Jam....and its a video from youtube that wasp2020 uploaded...who just happened to post right below Kartman. lol just thought that was kinda interesting.

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.

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^Ooh, yes. That's a good one!