so the guy i was gonna get the MIM tele from off craigslist rejected my offer after thinking about so...

im looking for a Tele or epi lp standard for around $275-300

i can alwasy just go to my local pawn shops, & i know that all vary in price..but has anyone ever gotten a MIM tele or LP standard from one?

about what did they charge?

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I got an MIM Tele used for $285 with a free hard case, SD T-59 in the bridge, and a free 20 ft cable. I had to jew 'em down from $330 though.

Great guitar, I swapped out the T-59 for a single coil and sold it on eBay, so I got some cash back as well.
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Its tough to get higher end guitars at pawn shops because a seller will make 10 times more selling to a private party. (craigslist, e-bay, friends ect) So most of the guitars in pawn shops are lower end. Sometimes higher end guitars make their way to the pawn shop because it was stolen and quickly fenced or the previous owner had to make a buck fast.

I got an MIM strat at a pawn shop, so they are around but you'll never get a Gibby. IMO

And pawn shops charge about new market value minus 15% (about average high price on e-bay)
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