I'm wondering if anyone can help me.
I want to wire my Ibanez RG4EX1 so that it has the same pickup selection as the Ibanez SV5470:

Ibanez SV5470 Wiring

I bought the following:
Bridge pickup - Dimarzio D activator X
Middle Pickup - Dimarzio Fast track 1
Neck pickup - Dimarzio D activator X

5-Way Super switch
5-way Super Switch

500K Push/Pull volume switch
Standard Push/Pull Pot

Obviously NOT the same configuration as in the Ibanez SV5470 diagram.
My Push/Pull switch is a standard, whereas the Ibanez is a 12 pin push/pull.
I'm also not sure if the Ibanez VLX91 5-way switch has the same pin out as the Super Switch that I have.

Is there any way to achieve the SV5470 wiring combination with the Config that I have?
I'm wonder if you found the sv 5470 wiring diagram, and if so, will you share it with me?. Thanks