Hello! Me again, former semi-regular Bass Forumer, but kinda wondered off, but not from the bass.

So anyway, the other day I found I could play a really nice finger style, fairly good saying I played with a pick since day one, but I have a question, my main Bass has P and J pick ups, which is better for playing over?

I normally have my P Pick up on full and my J on very low since I prefer the deeper, warmer tones.

My P has an annoying screw which annoys my thumb when its anchored there, but the J might make my sound different...i've not played with the J as my anchor though my amp yet...

So my Question is: Which is the best pickup to use as a anchor?? And how should I Adjust my sound to compensate for any change?
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start with the P (im guessing middle) as the strings are looser further from the bridge, and easier on your fingers. playing over the middle will sound deeper and warmer, whilst the bridge will sound punchier and treblier.

best advise is to experiment

possibly look into a thumbrest?
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wellll this ones tough. it really depends on your style of music. i play with my bridge pickup as the anchor because, in addition to liking the way it sounds (somewhat lighter and trebley) i like the way it feels. playing with your fingers will almost always be better than a pick because your fingers are extremely versatile. but its best to be able to both, and be able to do both good.

but like i said originally, it all really depends on your style of music. i play ska, so i need to play with my fingers because its alot more agile than a pick (opinion). but if you play some kind of punk or even some forms of rock (on the lighter side) a pick might be better for you. i also play in a black metal band (dont ask how i got involved with that as a ska bassist) and i use fingers there because i play alot of octaves and such. <--just to show an example.

edit: i originally had i play with my neck pickup in there, changed that to bridge.
well if i get what your saying...if you play over your jazz pick up which is closer to the bridge if i can remeber the configuration your gonna get a higher pitched sound from playing closer to the bridge but try it out to see if you like it. and you should adjusting your bass so the curve of your bass cradles your wrist then you dont really have to anchor it on a pick up. or you can try using the edge of the neck/fret board to anchor your thumb on.
i hope i got what you wanted.
It's preference really. Play more towards the neck if you want it to sound warmer and play more towards the bridge if you want a punchier sound. Personally I choose to play towards the bridge. Though since you are starting, I suggest you start by playing more towards the neck because it will build up your calluses and finger strength, then if you want you can move more to the bridge. I say this because you'll probably destroy your fingers.
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