My friend and I just finished watching The Empire Strikes Back (on tape, even.) and we had iTunes up and running while we had started Return of The Jedi, and Black History Month by Death From Above 1979 was playing overtop of the intro, so we decided to use some epic breakdowns overtop of it.

The interlude-type breakdown in The Divine Suicide of K. and Bloodmeat by Protest The hero worked and had massive epic success. Divine Suicide syncs up so well with it, t'was awesome. Try it sometime and post your epic results with any movie trailer.

The intro is the preview we used was the Episodes I, IV, V, VI of Star Wars on the beginning of the tape after the "Attention" and warning things.

Discuss and enjoy!
Wait... is there supposed to be a video of sound clip to go along with this?
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Me and my friends had the game Scarface running, but had the video from a movie on so we started making tony talk, and it was during a scene with a 4 year old and his mother

Son = S*it!
Mother = Wipe yo Ass!
*son walks into the other room, and begins talking to brother*
Son = When i find a girl, im gonna give her the F*ck of a lifetime!
*Turns to his mother*
Son = I can Tell by your face you havent got F*cked in a year!
Mother = You Lil ****-a-roaches!

I lol'd