hey guys looking for a compresser pedal and a basic tunner would be very thankfull if u could provide sound clips or like a youtube link ive seen some on ther but i wonted the view of someone who owns them not a shop selling them might sound a stupid question but are nearly all tuner pedals the same

thanks adam
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I like the boss CS-3 compressor/sustainer but it's kind of noisy... but I've also had 2 of them break on me, thank god I have the warranty.
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i have the boss CS-3 and it is pretty noisey. I also have the Korg dt-10 br tuner, i would deffinatly recomend it
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The industry standard is the Boss TU-2, with good reason. It's solid, intuitive and accurate. Goes for a bout £69, don't know about dollars though.
don't know how tuners are actually made but there are definitely differences. I got some crappy tuner when I started, couldn't decide which string it was, needle was bouncing all over the place...

I got a korg ca-30, its like 20 bucks, simple and I have not found any problems with it. I'd probably say IMO its one of the best if not the best tuner for 20 bucks...

but of course you could always go after a more expensive stomp box version. Which can have its uses. Like if you have to tune on stage, and it's not very bright, a tuner with some LED's in it can be very helpful. But for me the ca 30 works
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As for tuners, I have a Behringer TU100. Its a stompbox tuner.
Whichever brand tuner you get I would recommend a stompbox one if you gig.
I have seen some people bash the Behringer tuner, but mines pretty damn accurate (and yes, I have measured it against a rack mount tuner). Its not as good as the rack mount one, but it also didn't cost me $$$$$$$$ ($20 at a pawn shop).

As to the compressor, I don't have one at the moment, but I would probably pick the Boss one.
Check the reviews section of this site http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_effects/
the boss tuner pedal is awesome! i own it...very good. sweet LED lights, and just throw it 1st in your effects chain and your ready to go! very accurate, i love it! definately an awesome tuner.
thanks for replyes its oki i live in england so dont need dollers yeh i need it in stomp box form probs be the behringer then i use one of ther pedals now and its really realyable if ther nosiey pedals will a noise gate pedal help much if anything and witch ones are good thanks adam
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The Boss tuner is pretty crappy imo, especially for the price.

If you want a good tuner get a Korg Pitchblack.

Korg > Boss by miles.
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I love my MXR Dyna Comp. I would recommend it.
when you saybest you really need to state a price. The best comp is probably a keely comp. 250 bones.
If you really want a great tuner, buy a E 440 tuning fork, and carry it in your back pocket for a few months. Past that, most name brand stomp-box format tuners will get the job done cheaply, at the cost of poor buffers and noise injection.
The biggest argument for using the Korg pedal tuner is the fact that it's accurate to +/- 1 cent as opposed to the Boss which is accurate to +/- 3 cents. It's also a bit easier to see on stage, and (as mentioned) is equipped with true bypass switching.
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price around 60 ish for comp + / - 20 pounds 50 for tuner pedal i havent really looked in to prices how much are good ones
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