Hey guys! So I was thinking of building a telecaster and am in the process of finding some wood for the body. I was just wondering what size of blank i need to make the body?
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check out the blanks warmoth or stew-mac offer, even if you don't order from there you could get the dimensions you can look for eleswhere.
DONT check out blanks, from anywhere. go to a lumber yard or something. look for a one-piece size of wood.. poplar should be good for a tele/first build (no one bash poplar because you are retarded if you do)

you need 14'' wide, 2'' thick, 20'' long.

or you can buy one from me, i have some one piece sapele mahogany blanks for 60 +/- each plus shipping. thats about half the price of stewmacs 3 piece mahogany bodies.
^^ smart man
You could also get a template or drawing of your tele down to your lumber yard and see if it fits.
Or take a A3 piece of paper, thats about the right size..
Good Luck

I think you mean A2, 'cause A3 is only double the size of A4.

And I don't think a Telcaster is gonna fit on two sheets of A4.
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