I'm planning on getting an sx telecaster or strat and then upgrading the pickups. I was wondering what kind of pickups work best for funk/reggae.

Also, one of the guitars i'm looking at has a p90 in the neck position and Ive heard good things about them but I don't know how well they would work with my choice in music.

thanks for your time.
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I got a mexican strat and put classic 57/62s in it. Beautiful cleans, might be a bit warm but you could probably find a nice tone in one of the 5 pickup selections.

look for some fairly versatile single coil pickups that clean up really nice and are bright-ish (not brittle though like tele pickups can be).
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Do not buy an SX guitar stay away from them they are crap go for a squire at the very least, i bought an SX yrs ago worst guitar i ever ever bought! Stay away don't say you haven't been warned! SX=crap!!