Well, I decided I'm going to re paint my strat, because the paint's wearing off, and it needs a new look. I'm going to have someone else paint the background (because I'm too lazy to do that myself), and I'm going to do the artwork myself.

I plan on putting kanji letters below the bridge, but I have a question.

What would you say is better, a guitar decal, or paint pens? I'm going to end up spraying the guitar with wood primer, so would it even matter?

If I do a decal, could I print the design onto the adhesive vinyl myself?

If I do paint pens, and spray it with wood primer and a finish, would it last long?

Answers greatly appreciated.

have someone do it on ebay for $10 just ask some who sells vinyls to do kanji letters. They will do it.

Don't know, but it'll look like **** compared to a vinyl