the headstock is fugly as hell, but I kinda like the body shape, in a weird way.

Looks like someone left a RR in the sun for a bit too long...
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I think epiphone should reissue it again
I love it!

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The shape looks sort of good, but what the hell is up with the headstock?
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those things are awesome
is the rare wood korina?they should start making them again, not just a limited reisssue either, but put em back into full production
priced a little too high!
Moderne Heritage:
1981 - 1983
Limited edition with approx. 143 made. Korina body, two humbucking p-ups, Gold harware.
Black or White- $2,500-$2,700
Natural- $2,900-$3,200

this is obviously a collectors guitar, not a players guitar. i would take a new Les Paul
over this, anyday.