does gas cost where you live????
your once gentle words are bleeding from my eyes ,screams of terror now fill my every breath...
118.9p Petrol, 132.9p Diesel. (per litre)

As bad as it is, especially for Diesel, it's no more expensive ml-for-ml than Pepsi, or Cider and Beer. It's road tax that's pissing me off at the moment.



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Right now its $3.89/gal. Where I live its among the cheapest in the nation; one more reason to love Minneapolis!
The petrol/diesel itself is pretty cheap (20p a litre) just the damn government taxing everything!
Least you dont run your car on bull semen...£20,000 a litre...

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where i live in ontario it's up to 139 on bad days, but usually around 135
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around 4 bucks
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1.40 and rising.
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around $4.10

but out in California where i just was on vacation, I saw it as high as $5.80
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Lol, I don't live there, but in Saudi Arabia, it's 10 cents about.
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$4.54 per gallon....
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