I just got this today and the effects are great, but i am having problems with the Chorus effect. I turn it on and hear no chorus at all, it surely can't be that subtle. I listened to clips and chorus is what really drew me to this processor, but i can't get any effect out of it, everything else works fine though. How can i fix this?

Also is it normal for the volume to go down as the effects levels are turned up? Seems strange to me
Nevermind i solved the issue! Stop freaking out people!!!

But seriously, my Peavey XXX Uses a 7 pin midi footswitch and the switch jack on the g major is for a 1/4 inch cable. How can i set it up so i can switch the channels on my amp with the processor?
it's not going to work with a 7 pin din connector man, the 1/4" relay switching jack on the GMajor is a TRS that shorts the tip or ring to ground, only amps that have the 1/4" jacks will work with the switching relay.
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You would probably have to get a midi controller (like a gcx or maybe even the behringer one) that could connect to both and do it that way. The G-major won't change your amp channels through midi.
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I am SOOOOOOO Jealous.

Yes it is amazing. Suddenly now my Peavey has an amazing clean channel. The chorus is just simply great, i love it. A whole lot better than my boss chorus pedal.

I do have a foot controller i can use, so could i use that to change the channels on my amp??