I want to start recording my guitar. I want to be able to overdub, and have the best sound quality possible, for what I am willing to pay.

This is the accesory pack I am looking to buy.

Accesory Pack

It doesn't include a recorder. These are the 2 I am looking at:

Digital Recorder

Pros: includes mixer

Cons: digital recording records in millions of samples, not one big sample

Analog recorder

Pros: cheap, analog recording seems to be better with all the subject matter I have read

Cons: can't think of any at the moment

So, for all of you saying that analog sucks, I have read 5+ articles on this, all of them leaned towards analog

digital records in samples, creating less pure of a sound

digital seems to have a colder sound

So, which recorder do you think I should I get? I included the digital because I want to see what ya'll think. If you know anything better, please give me a link!!!