I just ordered my Ibanez S520EX, and it only has one inlay, at the twelfth fret. Are there any fret stickers or something like that out on the market that'll help me find my way around the fretboard a bit more easily?
There are still dots on the side, and I bet you use those instead of the ones on the fretboard without realising it. I was the same when I got my guitar without inlays at all the usual frets.
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They have stickers, lights and so on whatever you desire..

But like Timi said just use the side dots...

Also good choice on guitar with no fret markings id rather have not markings then Ibanez Shark inlays with the first fret marked.. God that used to mess me up and annoy the hell out of me lol
Back when I wanted something to "mark" the fretboard, I used a hole-punch on some blank address lables.

Worked well without leaving anything on the wood when I removed them and they were on for close to six months .

Just an idea.

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friend got em on a rosewood fretboard, says unless you play like jeff healey those are completely useless.
just use the side dots. my ibanez is like that, and i actually think it has helped me in the long run. you dont really rely on the dots, you just kinda figure out where the frets are.
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