Hey everyone, I recently recorded a band called Anonymous Saints in my "studio" in my basement. I DO NOT PLAY IN THE BAND, just to keep people from saying "you sound like ass" because that has happened before lol. So yeah check it out, tell me what you think of the music, the recording, the song, whatever you want. The link to my studio myspace is in my SIG and the song is called "Can't Always Rely" Thanks a lot.
C4C btw.
Hey there, the recording sounds pretty good. But it's still not quite studio quality IMO. I know the myspace player has a problem with mp3's sounding very muffled, so that could be alot of it. The guitars and bass sound pretty good, but the drums and vocals are not quite where they should be for the "studio". The vocals to me sound too up front in the mix, and the drums, sound too far away in the mix. It sounds like you didn't use enough mics on the drums and you didn't use any FX on the vocals.
Other than that though, the recording is very good for doing it in your basement.

I think the song itself is good. The singer needs a little help, and the drummer goes out of time once in a while, but the melody and everything is well written.

lower the guitar volume and bring the drums up and it would be pretty nice.
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Ok cool, I think I need to make the snare louder next time and the bass drum less boomy. I had a hard time recording these guys because they refused to take any of my advice of lowering the distortion on their guitars so we could layer it. Also the lead guitarist and singer (same person) was with me when I was mixing it and he wanted those a lot louder, I'm not sure what I should do that in that situation, any advice? Also, the myspace does make it sound very muffled, it doesn't sound that bad just from the plain mp3. Thanks a lot for the crits guys, any one else?