Good band, The Tatterdemalion Express is a great album with a few awesome songs(Recklessness being one of them..). I haven't heard much from Draining the Waterheart but I hear it's good as well.

I've seen this band live a few months ago, talked with the bandmembers afterwards, great guys.
I'm glad i searched, just stumbled across these guys very nice indeed.
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^ True that.

MySpace ended up lagging me but from what I heard it was very nice.
Bring back 80's speed metal.

*seinfeld slap bass solo*

ba doop bop bop bingo badanggg
Draining the Waterheart was a solid release. Their songwriting definitely improved on that one. Their lyrics are a bit odd at times (''Wooden Woodpecker Conversion'') but other than that it's a great release for fans of melodic death/doom.
wow, pretty nice dude.
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I have TTE, but I must admit I haven't given it a proper listen yet... I think I'll try and get their latest, as well. These guys seem like my kind of band.