MY birthday is coming up soon and I have $400 to spend and I want an effects pedal/processor. I was looking into the Line 6 Pocket Pod or Pod X3 and the Boss ME-50 or ME-20. Please give me your insight on what is best of these or any other brands and models that you think are better...thanks !!!!

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many ppl are gonna tell you to buy single analog pedals.

but to answer your question i would try all the pedals you listed and choose which one you like the best. stay away from the cheaper ones.
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Of those, go with the the Boss ME-50.
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I have the X3 and it kicks ass, but you should try all of them and choose which one you want.
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X3, or a used Boss gt-8 (dirt cheap now)

Now to hijack this thread. Theres a gt-8 at my GC for $250, do i buy it or get a new guitar?