I have a friend who wants a new guitar and amp(putting in list format to avoid wall of text) and I'm supposed to help him out. So I'm gonna ask UG cause you guys know a lot so.

1. $1000 to spend on both guitar and amp give or take $200 (if its necessary) but he can save up (he has a job)

2. He's into Sodom, Possessed, Kreator, Testament, Annihilator, Exodus, Whiplash, etc., basically 80's thrash.

3.As for the guitar there are some specific feature he's looking for

a) Non floating bridge (tune-o-matic or non-floating tremolo, something like that whammy bar isn't important)

b) Easy to play and maintain: He's a beginner so this is an important one

c) Stays in tune and obvious yet very important one. It really needs to be easy to tune and stay in tune well

d) Needs to sound good. Humbucking pickups are a must clean tone is not as important as distortion

4. For the amp

a) Be loud enough to get over drums

b) sound decent

c) Thrash Metal tone

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.
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you need a guitar with a floating bridge if you wanna play thrash and it stay in tune get a ibanez, esp, jackson, or something like that and just get a stack krank marshall randall or something yeah
I would probably say for Thrash, a cheap 5150 Combo used, and look into an Ibanez, Schecter, or a Jackson, depending on which model he likes at an appropriate price, let him try some out at a guitar store, an RG with a fixed bridge would be my suggestion, jumbo frets, good to start on.

You might want to get him a multifx pedal so he gets to know all the effects, if there's any extra money.
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bugera 333xl and a schecter c-1 blackjack or hellraiser or an esp or ibanez s or rg. the only good rg is one w/out a floating trem.