hey guys, ive had an ibanez grg170dx for about a year now and ive been thinking of upgrading. im just not exactly sure if i should, i can play every SOAD song easy, lamb of god, disturbed etc.

Heres my current guitar - http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/electric/ibanez/eg_page_200788bf.html

Heres my current amp - http://www.guitar.com.au/amplifiers/electric/marshall/mg/mg10cd.html

if i was to upgrade i was thinking of getting an ibanez xpt700 xiphos, is this a good guitar?
if so, what amp should i get for it?

so in final: please tell me

If i should upgrade my guitar
If the Xiphos is good.
What amp is good for the xiphos

Anywhere around the $1000 mark is my budget.

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you made this same thread yesterday...

+1 to budget and what amp do you have now?
marshall mg10cd (it's crap as hell)

about around the $1000 mark for budget.

(soz about double post, i forgot lol)
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You should get a used XPT700, and a tube amp of some kind. The Peavey ValveKing is great for a second amp, and you will be satisfied with your tone.
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thanks alot for that man.

would u reccomend getting it off ebay?

postage and handling for it on ebay is 200-400 bucks.!!!

but thats 800 bucks and thats cheaper than 1200 which is what australian music shops sell them for.
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also, what about the new sam totman iceman stm1? its got the same pups and tremelo and such, is it better than the xpt700?
ive made the decision.

im not going to get a new guitar just yet.

i am however getting a Vox ad50vt digital amp.
you can do better with $1000, you could atlest try to get a valveking as much as i dislike them.

check out that place for used gear dont forget if you get american amps you need to get those power swithcer things

bugera combos are under a grand new here you could look for one of them i think the 6262 is 999
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Gear Fund 1000/ ???

Yes his name is Dan
I've heard good things about the Bugera 6262's

Also, try out the B52 AT212 or AT100..

You'll be better off with either of those two than a Valve King any day...
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