Kory's Muxtape

Alright. No classic rock this time around. I wanted to get everyone to expand their horizons a bit. Also, if you really like any of the tracks, I'm including an album recommendation to start you off with the band.

This one is short. I wanted to have everyone listen to every song. Getting started:

Muse - Starlight

This is the song that got me into Muse. Very upbeat, very interesting. If it doesn't have you tapping your foot, I don't know what will.
Album - Black Holes and Revelations

The Arcade Fire - Intervention

This is a great song. Very simple, but it drives home it's point. Mike described it as 'indie Bruce Springsteen'. Sort of like organ-folk.
Album - Neon Bible/Funeral

The Arcade Fire - Black Waves/Bad Vibrations

I wanted people to get the full experience of The Arcade Fire. The song starts off a little 'ehh', but picks up and becomes absolutely incredible halfway through.
Album - Neon Bible/Funeral

Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry

Every album I have by QOTSA has been a growing experience. I don't like it at first, but then it grows on me and becomes amazing. Listen to this song a couple times.
Album - Songs for the Deaf

Tool - Wings For Marie/10,000 Days

These two songs are one song, hence the 'suite'. If you listen to one song on this mixtape, listen to 10,000 Days. Absolutely mindblowing. Turn out the lights and experience it.
The song is about Maynard James Keenan's (Tool's singer) mother, who had a stroke and was paralyzed and in a wheelchair for 27 years, or roughly 10,000 days.
Album - 10,000 Days

Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door. (It Girl. Rag Doll.)

For an intense experience, turn out the lights, close your eyes and listen to this song. Either way, listen to it.
Note that most other Radiohead doesn't sound like this. This song is just awesome.
Album - OK Computer

Length: 38:48


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I liked the Muse song, didn't like the second Arcade Fire song but the first one was good. I liked both the QOTSA and Tool songs a lot. Radiohead is next, I'll edit when that's done.

EDIT: I liked that one too. I've heard some Radiohead and have liked what I heard, I just haven't gotten around to seriously listening to them.
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I know most of these songs anyway, and I use to have pretty similar tastes. I should really sign up to do one of these things...
It was on Hail to the Thief. Actually, it's an odd Radiohead pick because Thom Yorke isn't doing the vocals. I must admit, I like the flow of the last three songs.

Better Living Through Chemistry was on Rated R, not Songs for the Deaf.
Quote by DownInAHole.
A Wolf at the Door was definately not on OK Computer.

he's just picking an album to introduce the band if we liked the track.
Quote by DayTripper1967
he's just picking an album to introduce the band if we liked the track.

Aye, me gets it.

I prefer Kid A to OK Computer 100 to 1.
Arcade Fire is different, though not really my thing (although I liked the first half of Black Waves). I liked Wings for Marie pt I, 10,000 days not so much.

Besides that... I know (and like) the Muse, and the QOTSA was really fun in some parts. Josh's singing voice was a bit bleh at a few points, but the rest was very interesting. And the Radiohead sounds very nice; I think this is the first thing that I've heard from Hail to the Thief. I only like parts of Kid A and OK Computer, so I didn't both looking at that album.
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What's the point of this thread?

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What's the point of this thread?

to put songs we like in a radio format, then everyone else can listen.
I really like Starlight, it's got a great melody and a very groovy beat going on. I don't like the 2 Arcade Fire songs. Intervention bores me and the vocals on the other one annoy me a little bit. Just not my thing. I prefer blues-rock. The first three songs sound very U2 like. Are you a fan?

I like Better living through Chemistry. I like how it keeps building up. First time I heard the song so I might have to check out some more of their stuff. Any recommendations?

Not a Tool fan but I like the Radiohead song.
Not a Muse or QOTSA fan. Both Arcade Fire songs are excellent, as our the Tool and Radiohead choices. Definitely some unconventional choices here. Nice job
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I really liked the first Arcade Fire song. I love the tremolo picking and slide guitar. The other one, not so much. I really liked the Muse and QOTSA choices. Not a big fan of Tool, but I enjoyed Wings for Marie pt.1. And Radiohead is always nice to hear. Overall, great mix!
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Thanks for the input guys .

master, if you want to start out with QOTSA, buy Songs for the Deaf. Other great songs:

Mosquito Song (Songs for the Deaf)
In the Fade (Rated R)
I Never Came (Lullabies to Paralyze)

For an Era Vulgaris song...everyone knows 3's and 7's, and it's great. I also love Suture up my Future and Battery Acid. It's a very different sound though.