Is it true that if I remove 2 of the 4 power tubes from my head that it'll reduce the wattage down from 100w to 50w? If so, can I do this myself, or does it need to be done professionally? I want be able to crank the juice on my Soldano a little without making my ears bleed.
the volume difference between 50W and 100W is minor. you need to multiply watts by 10 to actually double the max decibels, or divide by 10 to cut the decibels in half.

but i don't think your idea will work... unless you get a professional to modify the amp so the power only goes to 2 tubes, and doesn't try to go to all 4 when 2 are removed.
I also hear that 50w amps have a different sound from their 100w counterparts
You might be able to, you'd have to take out either the inner two or outer two. You have to do something with matching ohms as well, though I can't be bothered to remember.

Edit: Ok, I was bothered. If the amp is set to 16 ohms now set it to 8 when you pull the tubes. If its set to 8 set it down to 4.
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Kevin is absolutely right.

So is frigginjerk. Your not going to notice a huge volume loss. You will lose some headroom and you will break up sooner however. Also, in my opinion, 100 watt amps sound bigger, more powerful and punchier then 50 watt heads. Not sure if thats true, it could just be that when playing a 100 watt amp your thinking "This is powerful" and you hear it as powerful. Regardless, you wont get that when running at 50 watts.

really, pulling tubes isn't necessary unless you want to get power tube saturation sooner. Even then, to get that saturation your going to need to crank it insanely loud.

Invest in an attenuator. You wont regret.
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the wattage between 50 and 100 is most noticeable on the low end. as was mentioned before there will not be very much volume difference. we tried it on my buddies 70's twin reverb. if i remember right it was tubes 1 & 3 or 2&4. but do your homework on your amp first. also we didnt have to change ohm settings on that particular amp either, some you may have to.
I've run my Soldano SLO 100 with the 2 outer tubes pulled for a long time, & it works great. The volume difference is really not that much, but it does break up a bit easier, & I now have an extra set of tubes laying around. You must cut the amp's output impedance in half relative to your speaker load as stated previously (if your cab is 16 ohms, run the amp head at 8 ohms). FWIW, I haven't found an attenuator of any kind yet that doesn't suck the life & liveliness from my SLO. It makes it smoother & creamy sounding, but loses its bark & cutting edge tones. If you can try one out, go for it. You may love it. Who knows? Good luck!
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