im think about buying a orange crush 30R i love the tones bands get out of orange but i cant afford anything but the crush should i buy it? i play punk/post hardcore and i want to use this for pretty much everything. i play small gigs like churches basements and so on and so forth is it loud enough for that? i have a vox valvetronix 30 watt which is pretty good but i want something better. i saw that someone hooked up the crush to a marshall cab. to make it louder could i do that? and overall how is the crush 30R, is it worth it?
Just stick with your valvetronix. No point in going from one practice amp to another.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
plugging something into a cab will not make it louder. And the your Vox is fine, if not better then the Crush, because quite frankly the only good Oranges cost a lot more. (cheapest being the Tiny Terror)