Currently use EB Slinkies. Wondering if there's something better out there. Any suggestions?
I always used D'addario XL's. I just bought a pack of regular Slinky's and find I like the D'addarios more.
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Depends on how you play and the guitar and stuff really. Personal choice.

I found dean markleys to be pretty good. I was using slinkies buyt they lasted like a week (at one point i broke two sets in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. And my mum an d brother got DM's because they couldn't get slinkies. They lasted months. And they sound nice imo. I'm using GHS boomers atm, i'd rate them well also.

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Strings are 99% preference. Just try different kinds out. Personally, I put GHS nickel rockers on my strat and Ernie Balls on my Gibby.
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DRs on my electric (trying out DM flatwounds soon though), Martin Marquis strings on my acoustic. The Martins are the first acoustic stings I've had that didn't die in 2 weeks (not kidding), and the silk coating at the ball ends protect my bridge.
Point being: find something that sounds good and lasts a while. These things vary from person to person, and you may have to decide between sound and longevity. Favor tone within reason if you have to choose. DR and Dean Markley often get good reviews. D'Addarios are always popular, GHS is good, Ernie Ball can be love-hate. Try everything!
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I love Ernie Ball strings, felt they gave me a bit better tone and punch than Daddarios..
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