Okay, if anyone saw the post in Guitar & Bass Basics then I apologize for a repost but no mod has moved it yet, I need more input, and I'm short on time.

Before you read on, I just want to say one of the responses I got helped by mentioning that Washburn isn't only 'beginner' guitars but I'm unsure about this guitar.

I found a great looking Strat style Washburn for $50. I can't find this actual guitar anywhere where else and it has a custom inlay. I don't know anything about Washburn and I can't find anything. The owner doesn't know the model but he said it was from the Pro series. I couldn't find a 'pro' series but I found an X series by Washburn and the 3 or so guitars that were called Pro X were all over $1000.

However, comparing pictures it seems to fall under one guitar and not one of the 'Pro' X guitars. Here are some pictures of the custom Washburn:

If I do pay $50 shipping to Canada will be another $50. A nameless head is also unpromising. However, there is something unreadable in the pic. inscribed on the back plate.

This guitar is also made of walnut with a maple neck. So, here is where my dilemma is also. Comparing it with some of the Washburns (by their bridge and such) I think it is either this: $719.90 (Maple or rosewood fingerboard) http://www.washburn.com/products/electrics/x/x33.aspx

Or some other unlisted Washburn.

As you can tell I'm really quite picky and even though it's $50 (technically $100 or so) I want to make sure it's a good quality guitar. I want to collect a bit but right now if the guitar is completely crap I don't want to add it to a starting collection. I'm hoping to use it as even a side guitar because it's a pain to change tunings with a JEM (damn double-locking system).

tl;dr? Buy or no buy for $50ish? Also some input on whether Washburn guitars are good or not would be great.

Edit: Parts of the guitar look like they are made of really low quality pieces...
Maybe some parts are crap, but it is an awesome display guitar...
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Oh my god I want that, even if it's just to show off the looks. For $100, why not
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It would have to be pretty bad not to be worth $50.

Touche, plus I believe it's worth over $300 initially...
that is dope as hell. and for 50 bucks!? thats more than a steal
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Alright... after this post I think I'm going to let this whole asking people thing die. Unless someone has input on the make of this guitar OR how most Washburns feel and play, then I'm going to pick this up regardless. Thanks to anyone who helped previously.