I am a beginner guitarist. I know some chords and some scales. What lessons on the Ultimate Guitar Lessons page (preferably) or on another website that will help me become an intermediate guitarist and soon a rhythm guitarist.
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Well, let me say this first: There is no lesson that will make you an intermediate guitarist immediately. You can't really read something, practice it, and then become intermediate. You really have to practice, and really let your playing grow over time. With practicing regularly, you'll develop your skills and get better. Since there is no magical lesson out there, I'll post some lessons that I find useful, and will help you on your journey. Also, try not to limit yourself as a 'rhythm guitarist.' You can still play 'rhythm guitar' and play solos and what not. You'll benefit more by doing both.

http://www.jazzguitar.be/ Great website. Lots of lessons, lots to learn.
The Musicians Talk FAQ. While it is continually a work in progress, its still great for learning.
http://www.zentao.com/guitar/theory/ Useful. Haven't used it much, but I've heard many great things about it. Plus its a top to bottom website, starting at the easiest, and continuing to the more difficult lessons.

I'll try and post more later as well.

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infinite amount of exercises = https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=879853

lessons on the lessons tab = http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/soloing/

I am not spamming. And I think I should work on the basics before soloing. And rhythm guitarists dont solo very much. Thank you bluesrocker101 for your helpful answer.
You'll probably want to mess around with blues/rock stuff to have some fun and show off to your friends, but the links in my sig are quite good.

The "theory" link deals with theory (shocker!). It's written to intoduce basic theory to a beginner and gradually build up to fairly advanced topics. You should learn theory (and read that lesson) at some point, but if you want to mess around with blues licks for a while and play some Zeppelin, that's fine.

The "soloing" video probably won't be much use to you yet, but it's Marty Friedman discussing his ideas about soloing.