Hey guys! So I've been working hard on this new song. It's a pop ballad and it's called "This Is Not The End". It's different musically from the songs I've done in the past but I wanted to branch out a little. The production isn't perfect, far from it actually, but I tried my best. I think I may have over produced the vocals a bit, but I was trying to give them a sort of "haunting feel". Any tips regarding that would be much appreciated. I'm also thinking about using a different effect for the bridge vocals so opinions on that would be great too.

You can hear the song on my UG profile...

...Thanks for listening.


Oh, and of course Crit 4 Crit as always.
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Wow dude!! A very passionate great song! It's simple, which is good, cause most people here make things so more difficult than it needs to be.
Your vocals were very good, a little flat and sharp in places, but I'm no one to talk, I'm just pointing it out. The melody was very pretty and also simple but passionate.
I really really enjoyed this song. The only thing I can suggest is to work on your levels a little, cause they were all over the place, and add a snare where the tempo changes towards the end. That'll make it IMO, more passionate.

Great Job dude!!


Check this out if you have the time.

Wow very professional!!! I really like the vocal effects and echoes, and
I like the simplicity of it. Like wadester said there are some places where your voice is slightly flat. Overall, it's very nice and calming.

Keep it Up!

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Hey man, I love the song. The simplicity fits the lyrics perfectly. The beat towards the middle was great, keeping it simple but adding more to the song. I also think the vocals are very good, slightly off pitch in a couple spots but overall well done. Good job.
thanks for commenting mine!

very haunting, it paints a nice picture in your head. i really like the piano, too.

vocals off pitch a few times but that's bound to happen with anyone. nice job though!
"whered you go? I miss you so. Seems like its been forever, since youve been gone."

other than the fact that it instantly reminded me of that song, it was well done. Lyrics fit well.
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thanks ashtopov. Ya know, I thought about that as I was writing this song, but said, "Oh well, I'll keep going anyway!" Thanks for the comment.
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Very very cool. At the 3:30 mark you should throw in a wall of distorted guitar, it would sound really cool! I kept waiting for that to happen, like in My December, by Linkin Park. Great song nonetheless!! I've got a ton of covers on my profile if you're so inclined.
Hey drossboot! I didn't see a thread about your covers so I'll just post my response on this thread. If you create one or if there is one just let me know and I'll move my response to that one. Anyway, I listened to your covers. They're really good. I liked 1979 and Arms Wide Open the best. It seems like you held back a little with your singing. I understand that it's hard to sing so passionately and stay on key and what not, but I'd rather hear a passionate vocal than a technical one. You have a nice tone to your voice though. I'll give you credit there. And your guitar playing is wonderful as well. I'd like to hear some originals if you have any!

Thanks for commenting on my song. I'll experiment with the distorted guitar idea. I'll check out that Linkin Park song as well. I'm not that familiar with the band, but I've heard a few of their tunes on the radio. I thought that "Shadow of the Day" song was amazing.

Ya, what I was saying about My December is that it is a piano driven song, and I keep waiting for it to get heavy in the middle, but it never does, which would really add to the power of the song. But that's just my personal taste. I like the quiet/heavy dynamic.

Think that works best as it is, wouldn't add anything else to it. Love the melody
I removed the song because I'm working on a new mix and stuff and decided to delete it. Sorry for those who clicked on this thread and wanted to listen. I'll post a new version soon.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented. I appreciate the advice.