hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing a wah pedal and I'm kind of tossing up between one of the dunlop cry babies, or the digitech ex-7 (which is what I'm leaning more towards). I want to essentially replace the expression pedal on my boss ME-50 to something with more grunt and less sensitive to being turned on and off by accident.

is there any info that any of you guys can give me, especially on the digitech pedal. the main reason why i'm currently preferring the digitech is its ability to be customised and its synthy sounds. the only probably i think about it is that it may be temperamental and either have a very soft on/off pressure requirement, or the pedal nobs like the **** around, which is why the dunlop may be great because its very simple... but doesnt have the customisations the other has.

I also assume the digitech doesn't have a true by-pass... but I'm not anal about it.

i currently have a fuzz factory, whammy 4, and boss ME-50 in that order going to the amp if that is any help for you.
Im going to be an ass and say save for a new amp, but what is your budget? you can do better then digitech.
I'm not really bothered by my amp... it does the job, and when I am wanting to record in the studio, I have access to at least 13 or tube amps. my budget is around $250AUS. I was either planning on getting the dad of my friend to purchase the gear from america as he is on holidays there, or purchase it from the states over ebay (the exchange rate is awesome).

I went down to a music store and the first thing he tied to sell me was this boss expression pedal which is also customisable, but for some reason I'm prefering the digitech. I did some research and saw a Vox wah pedal also...

What is your recommendation?
Dont get the EX-7, I was about to get it and saw the RP Series. I have the RP250 and its great.
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I don't mean to sound rude, but why would I want that if I said that I'm after a wah pedal... that seems like I'd be paying for features that I pretty much already have access to on my boss me-50.

any suggestions to my previous posts regarding the expression pedals?
If you're not going to use anything but the wahs in the expression factory, just buy a standalone wah.
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If you're after a wah, then don't get the EX-7. Part of the EX-7's appeal is that it can do that delayed volume swell like a Space Station (which you should be able to emulate on your ME-50, I think) and that octave-up sound like a Whammy (which you have). I'd look into some lower-priced wahs. The Crybaby takes a lot of guff around here but for an entry-level wah, it's really not that bad and if you get into modding pedals, there are tons of great mods for it.