I honestly don't like the song. I just don't like Modest Mouse. BUT, as far as critting YOU, here we go!

The rhythm guitar is solid, you keep a good rhythm going.
Your pitch wavers from time to time, but is generally in key.
One thing I did notice is I can hear your mouth smacking, you have to watch that.
Didn't really like the lead licks you had in there, the notes just didn't flow together, they were staccato sounding, not sure if that is intentional or not.
Bahaha, I'm a tard. :P

For some reason when it opened in the playlist his name had me confused. Either way, I stand by my crit.
Quote by TrigFunction
Thanks for the crits. I imagine by "mouth smacking" you mean you can hear my jaw like opening again? I was drinking coffee so i think that is what you mean.

Also i imagine the staccato sound was because i picked each note.

I mean right before you start singing you can hear your mouth smack as you open it and smack your tongue off the roof of your mouth. It's as if you swallow air before you sing.

And you can get a smooth legato sound while picking every note. You just need to work on the timing of releasing the previous note just as you pick, and not before, which is what you do now.