Ok, I really need to know this...a guitar that cost less than 200€ or a bit more...for Melodic death metal like Arch Enemy, Kalmah, Amon Amarth, In Flames, COB, etc, and something on old scholl like Overkill...
So a cheap guitar, for some different metal ways, and I would prefer to have an "radical" shape like V, ML, etc, for a beginner, jamming and mostly practicing , but I don't have problem with V's I've tried already...
Guitars that I've seen:
-Dean ML XM http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/PTE/Guitars/Heavy-Guitars/Dean-ML-XM-SN-Satin-Natural/art-GIT0008827-000
-B.C. Rich Ironbird http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/PTE/Guitars/Heavy-Guitars/B.C.-Rich-Ironbird-Onyx-Black/art-GIT0012816-000
-Jack & Danny V-200(looks small) http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/PTE/Guitars/Heavy-Guitars/Jack-Danny-V-200-BK-Black-Destroyer-Shape/art-GIT0007450-000
I really don't know, say what you have to say...
thx guys but only an buy guitars from this site http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/PTE because there is in Portugal and I leave in the Azores island and is the best choice to me where to buy.
The Ibanez RG120 its not in the music store, and the laguna its to much high priced, when I said a bit more than 200€ was for something like 220/230.
you will probably regret both. but if you HAVE to, the Yamaha.
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