I woke up on a flight of stairs
A bed of soot sleeping in the air
Sherlock Holmes, take the case for free
We'll grow up, but who will plant the seed
Sprawling out, availabilty
Hand it out, give me what I need

Keep it cold
Block the sun

Halt in your tracks
Don't move an inch
Don't get so fat
Don't wrap it up
Don't burn it down
Don't need a hand
Don't need a crown
I won't sit down
Or fall asleep
Don't walk the line
Don't cook the meat

Keep it cold
Block the sun

Let's lose our minds
Escape judgement
From higher minds

Keep it cold
Block the sun

Falling down, a mattress fort city
Stay secure, "will you sleep with me?"
Poison punch municipality
Underneath an ad agency
Ice sculpture, fire in body heat
Melt it down, hell swims next to me
Keep it cold, block the sun
Keep it cold, block the sun
Keep it cold, block the sun
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"I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it"
-Mitch Hedberg
Excellent work!

I really enjoyed the connotations. Am I right in saying it's a statement against urban development? That's the feel I got from it...

Hey man, nice work! Personally, I could see how the lines in the second verse could get repetitive with all the "don'ts"..But thats just me good work nonetheless man.