Not for the first time, and not for the last,
You've laid it all down, but the moment has passed,
And it'll take all you've got to keep this dream alive. (so...)
Pick yourself up, and dust yourself down, <<Chorus
Take that leaf and turn it arou-und and,
On the other side, let's hope you find,
Anything, yeah, Anything at all.

She shone a light into your world; she opened up your eyes,
She broke a hole into your heart, and what she found inside,
Was soft and pure and yearning to be free.
She took the boy you were and made the man you are today,
But like so much else before, that light began to fade away,
And "what was" became "what always could have been". (And)


Lookin' back, it's clear to see, your fate was always sealed.
The World's A Stage, and All it's Players, but only one can lead;
And nothing you can say can Justify;
The tears, the doubts, the sleepless nights,
The why's, the how's, the "maybe might's"
Just let it go and move on with your life. ('cos)


What's past is past, What's done is done,
When it comes to broken hearts you know you aren't the only one.
So put what's gone before behind you,
And let the memories remind you,
Of the good times. (There's an change into solo here, is why that's a different rhythm)


Chorus, with Key Change

Fade out on repeats of "Anything, yeah, anything at all"


Hey guys, this was my first attempt at lyric writing. It's a song called "Anything". It's about a guy who is just crazy about this girl, but since they ended has been unable to get over her. The song basically says, chin up, you need to move on etc.
Hey Fivebretz...

Nice lyrics. I got the message straight away. The only thing that bothers me is that your first verse is half as long as the 2nd verse... once you hook the listener with the chorus, you'll want to get back to it as quickly as possible, as this is the part that keeps them listening... take too long to get there and they change the station.

Hope that helps... I like the "put what's gone before behind you" part... a nice play on words.

Actually, if you mean what I think you do lol, the whole first part there is meant to be the chorus. From "Not..." to "...all" is the chorus, I just conveyed that really badly I think. Thanks for reading!