Verse 1:

I wanna close my eyes
So that I can see you
Then I won't wanna wake
Cause I'll be confused
Cause there is a problem
That is just killing me
The reason for waking
Is a feeling I dreamed


There must be a small hole
In what is reality
Because when I wake up
You're more than just a dream
I can feel you breathing
but you are never here
Your just what I was dreaming

Verse 2:

I can feel your body
Laying so close to mine
And I swear I felt you
Reaching for my hand
I take in that moment
Cause everything's so real
I expect to see you
I look and you are gone


Tell me what can I do
To make all of this real
I'm tired of your ghost
Disproving what is the truth


Even though I feel you
I know that you're not here
I still hold on to hope
That you are here with me