On my mission for a cheap bass to play (I was boring an awful squier Bronco bass from a friend)...

I was planning on getting the Squier VM J-bass... but found a used "Yamaha Motion B" bass instead... I had never heard of it, but it played light years better than the squier and sounded great!

Pics will be on the way (as soon as I figure out how to use my camera)

Finish - Black
Wood - Not sure, there is no info on this bass I could find
Hardware - Gold... but VERY rusted
Pups - 2 passive hums/'soap bar style'
Bridge - A big strange looking one... with fine tuners
Fingerboard- Rosewood
Controls - vol/vol/tone

This but in black...
That seems like quite a find.

It's funny. When it comes to music, Yamaha is one of the oldest, most established, most esteemed, and most expansive companies in the entire music business. Yet their guitars and basses are not mentioned as often as you'd think. You'll hear about them once for every 25 times you hear about a Fender, MM, or Ibanez. Just an observation.
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It's a ****ing feather compared to the squiers and some ibanez I was playing in the store...

But still a really heavy sound (Killer for slap).

How'd you manage to find a heavy Ibanez? O.o
I dig the headstock shape

I find Yamahas very hit and miss personally, some I think play and sound amazing,others are very very bland and hard to play, s'all opinion though, combined with the single instrument itself I guess, great find though, much better than a Bronco Im sure, try and get pics up,so we can see it in black?
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Very nice find, especially for £75!
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I love the bridge, graphics, and pickups. They all scream 80's musical modernation.
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How'd you manage to find a heavy Ibanez? O.o

Try the ATK.Pretty heavy IMO.
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Is it just me or are those tone controls beige ?

Apart from that, an awesome looking bass you have there, it just hits you in the face with 80's
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if it's that light I'd probably hate it... I don't like my bass to swing in the wind.
but it looks pretty cool, and I bet it sounds pretty good too. And 150 isn't a bad deal at all.
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