When I view pages with languages that use different characters (specifically Japanese) the characters show up as question marks.
Is there any way to fix this?
yeah you have to get the right character packs....it's software you can get from the microsoft site...i think...
Here You need to install the Korean fonts, this link will let you know if you have them installed or not, you may just need to 'activate' them so to speak.

This One will give you a bunch of font faces to choose from (Korean that is)
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try going to View, then Character Encoding. after that i just play around until something happens.
google or go to microsofts page
and find and install new languages...
vista gets it free, i never see ? or the boxes
if not, go to 'windows update' on ur comp, and find the language packs and install them...
btw ur asking pit monkeys, ur lucky one of thems a nerd.