alright guys, i keep hearing it on the radio and its just absolutely amazing. it sounds like classic rock and it's got an absolutely crushingly heavy and sparkly guitar tone to it. apparently the name of the song has the words ''slow hand'' or ''slow hands'' and it has nothing to do with eric clapton. it sounds like he's saying ''strong ass stuntman'' but since i heard ''slow hand(s)'' has to do qith it im guessing it might be ''(something) slow hand'', and at certain parts of the song it sounds like kids yelling out a word or two meaning something. it's a pretty heroic sounding song and its absolutely amazing and i really have to know what it is!!
normally i'm a guru at this music knowledge stuff, but everytime i hear it on the radio i miss the song name and i called CHEZ106.1 and asked them and the guy was totally stumped like me. so please, please......


thanks much guys and gals.
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Quote by even deeper
hm.. try "Slow Hands" from interpol. good song

no its not that one, already checked it out, but thanks for tryin' man.