I'm new here, and I just wanted to come and introduce myself. It's great to have found a site where I can not only get really good, accurate guitar tabs (I've gotten quite a few from on here), but where I can also chat with other players. Not very many of my friends are into playing, so I don't really have a whole lot of people that I can talk about it with.

My name is Sarah. I'm a sixteen-year-old high-school junior from a little bitty town in deep East Texas called Alto. We're best known for being the Division 1, Class A State Champions in football for both 2006 and 2007 (we're praying that this season will end in a three-peat). Other than that, we're not much more than a dot on the map full of rednecks...lol.

I've been playing the guitar since September. I'm not really all that great right now, but through my weekly lessons and lots of practice, I'm improving each day. I have a BEAUTIFUL guitar that I absolutely love to PIECES!!! It's all sparkly and silver like the one Taylor Swift has in her music video for, 'Our Song'. Her name is Twilight; I named her after my favorite band, Nautical Twilight (which is a local Christian rock band).

Soo, yeahh...that's just a little bit about me. If you want to know anything else, just ask. Feel free to hit me up on AIM...NtclTwlghtLvr21@aol.com. I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!
welcome to ug but yea id stay out of the pit i was like you when i first started on ug then i went to the pit and i keep going back
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^As long as you don't say stupid things in the pit, you'll be just fine. I, when I was a wee n00b, vowed to avoid the pit, and got sucked in lol. Just read the rules in this forum and the pit rules and follow them and you'll do fine. And ALWAYS respect the mods, they are here to help us, so help them out once in a while too.

other than that, I have notta to say but WELCOME
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ya and beware...the guy:girl ratio is like 97:3 or close to it...
anyways welcome to UG