Is it possible to rig my guitar into a keyboard or some other MIDI source to access its various effects? Like my keyboard has some really cool synthesizer effects I'll like to use, but I don't want to play anything on a recording that I couldn't dulicate live, and seeing as how I'm the only guitarist, play keyboards on the side is kinda out for me. Is there any way to rig my guitar up so that it loops thru my keyboard and my pedal board thru different lines?

P.S. I know I'll need something like a BOSS Line Selector

P.S.S. My keyboard model is a Yamaha PSR-170, if that means anything
roland makes a synth pickup thing, but im too tired and whatnot to know if it can go out into a keyboard but im pretty sure it can
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With a MIDI hookup, yes.
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yeah with the roland ^ you can do just about anything with your guitar. as for something a little cheaper i think the ebow can do alot of stuff like that. not pos tho and i have never used one. but just something else to check out.


Thats the Roland VG-99V costs a ton but it will do everything you want everyday of the week and twice on sundays. i checked specifically and it can connect direct to a keyboard, synth or anything MIDI

hope that helps.


this is specifically a guitar synth: its the Roland GR-20, ill getcha a link to it.

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some mods on the body seem to be required, but fender makes a guitar that already has it installed and no im not talking about the VG

Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro W/ EMG 81/85 18v Black
ESP LTD EC-1000 W/ EMG 81/60 See Thru Blue
Schecter C-1 HellRaiser W/ EMG 81TW/89 Black Cherry
Peavey 6505 W/ 2x12 V30
It's not too expensive. The easiest (Roland-based) solution is slapping a GK-3 on your guitar and using it as a controller via an interface. The GK-3 is 13-pin, which I don't think will plug anywhere directly, so you'd need something like a GI-20 to sit between the guitar and your synth. The setup would cost about $750 new, give or take $50.

There are numerous options for the actual controller. GK-3 is a magnetic pickup - and you'll find it available in a box or OEM on things like the Roland-ready strat, but it's the piezo pickups which are said to have superb tracking - something you'll find on synth-access Godin guitars or as aftermarket packages for Strats/LPs/acoustics/whathaveyous from makers like RMC. I'll attest that piezo pickups on the Godins track that much better than Roland magnetics.
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I remember seeing a Roland Synth demo on youtube before.
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