anything could. you can write about anything. you could be inspired by nature, friends, family, loss, etc.
I sometimes get inspired just by seeing random people on YouTube doing something simple like doing a cover of a song. Anything can inspire you, literally.
things that inspire people the most are events in their lives that happened to them. also things they witness in everyday life. inspiration can come from anywhere.
since it seems that your stuck, i try to take something simple and write about it. my example is a.... tree lol. but you could write about the tree's point of view, the grass next to it, the person walking by, even the dog pissin on it lol. If you can write about stupid stuff, the hard stuff comes easy
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What can get you inspired? How to get inspired? Gimme some Hints

What I do is I take songs that already exist, change them a little, play the new version a bit, change it again, and keep on repeating the process until it's something completely different and new. For instance, I have written 2 songs based around Enter Sandman, but if you listened to them, you would have never guessed.

EDIT: Oh, wait.... lyrics... Okay, just made myself look like and idiot...
generally i'll be walking around or playing music and then bam!
my song called the man insie the piano i wrote yesterday, becuase on my grandmothers organ i was playing it has funky buttons that change the sound, of course right away i ran to the computer and wrote it down.
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Wait for something beautiful. If it doesn't come, remember something beautiful. If you can't, take the most ugly, messed up idea and make it beautiful.
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Usually, if I think of a really good line, I'll write it down and then write a song around it. I guess I write best when somethings happened to me, or a good topic occurs to me
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