For some reason I can't hold down more than one string with one finger. Is there any practice that I can do? This has caused me to come to a stand still on a song and a few chords.
if they're on the same fret it shouldn't be a problem all you do is just bar them down
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Are you doing it correctly? Extend your finger straight out with the joints locked and then just push down on the strings...
If it's not on the same fret, I don't know what to tell you, it should probably played with different fingers.
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some people find this hard at first. but by practicing you build up strength in your hands. which makes it a lot easier. so practice!
Like people above have said, keep your finger straight. Try and get it as close to the fret as possible, use the fret to your advantage, this is real important. Also, use your strumming arm to pull the guitar body into you, this will push your neck out and allow you to use some arm strength to push the strings down. Practice practice practice, soon you'll wonder why you had any problems with it.
^what he said. practice. just look on how you need to push two strings down and once you got just the hold then you can keep learning that.
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