All i could think of while watching that was Hans Moleman. "Down I go"
Let 'em go! You'll stay here with me, we'll go bowling.
i dont get whats so funny. Maybe if he fell down the escalator and then started going up again, but that wasn't that funny at all. I didnt even crack a smile
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I say pwnd/owned alot, and n00b even more frequently.

It comes up every few seconds actually. I actually said "imma pwn j00 n00b" to my girlfriend i think. She had no idea what i wastalking about, so i pwnt her n00b ass.
I just expected him to come rolling back down... It wasn't funny at all.

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Oh I'm just gonna step on this here escal--HHHNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHH!

+10000 I was thinking the same thing!!
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