Im looking to buy a wah and have looked at various options. The issue is that I need a versatile wah that can play cleans like hendrix but doesn't sound crap with Hammet/Frusciante/Slash Hi Gain tones. I'm not sure which would be best??
The gear:

* Epiphone Les Paul Custom
* Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 String
* Fender Squier P Bass
* Blackstar Stage HT-60
* Original Crybaby
* EHX Small Clone
* Boss DD-3
You might want to look at a Hendrix signature wah.

You should also look at the 535Q or the Morley Bad Horsie wah, or the Ibanez Screaming Demon.
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the ibanez weeping demon is good, very versatile and relatively cheap, plus you have a lot of scope over the sound