I love the way that finish looks, but i have no idea how to make it (on quilted maple)
Can someone please tell me how to make it really dark, but "shine at angles" with the amber?
I'm not too sure either, but one way I've seen it sone it by staining with different colours

brown then sand it back then red sand it back, orange sand it back etc so your get a layered effect of the darkest colour at the bottom and a light orange or amber at the top.

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thanks dude would i be able to make something good by staining and sanding back
black, brown, orange, then amber? or the same thing w/out orange?
I'd ask Hadalet. I'm not especially knowledgeable about staining and/or dying (I think he dyed it).
nah noobs =]

I'm like a Tiger-Eye master XD

If you base your "tigereye" off name brands, you're usually talking about something like what has been stated before, brown/sandback/amber

The best tiger eyes (IMO) are done with initial black(edit: or a very very dark brown works good too)/sandback/red/sandback SLIGHTLY just enough to where you barely see the natural wood coming through/slightly diluted yellow

Heres some samples I've made

Gotta make it pop or else it's just another factory finish, f**k that!
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Yup both were quilted maple, and done kinda fast without letting the dye dry properly/masking off lines right or anything, just spewed it all on for quick samples a while back

well first it was a crappy job and I didn't do it thinking alot of people were going to see it ha.. but the best way is to use pin striping tape, 1/8 or 1/4" wide and mask off outside the area you want natural, then use grain filler or sanding sealer or lacquer ( i use grain filler, highest solid content ) and apply it lightly over the area making sure not to soak it through the tape line you've made. I do 2 or 3 coats, after it dries mask off the area you just put grain filler on and dye it, it will minimize or eliminate the dye run off
awesome, i think i can do this now! thanks!
btw, it turned out good though