Well I'm going to be buying an acoustic electric, and I'm pretty sure I want the Alvarez AD60SC, but I had a couple questions.

Would it sound decent to record (I use a Line 6 Toneport) line in? I have a cheap mic that I use to record my cheap acoustic and I get ok results, and I actually wouldn't mind if it sounded a little electric (A guy I went to highschool with has a band, and his tone sounds a little electric,and I kind of like it)

Also, do you guys do anything special to take care of your guitars, like humidifiers or stuff like that?

Anyway, I'm probably going to order it tomorrow (I was going to order it tonight, but I don't want to regret anything). BTW, I'm ordering from Musician's Friend because there isn't an Alvarez dealer within about 80 miles of my town, and the 2 local music stores are terrible.

Thanks in advance for any help, I'll probably be on here in about 12 hours to clear anything up if you need.
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just a brief response... but that's a great decision on the guitar and you will have no problems recording it. for this guitar i wouldn't worry about any special measures to take care of it. just be careful with it and don't leave it in your car or anything.
I will always have the same thing to say about this. Don't buy a guitar without playing it, unless you are getting it from a good luthier with a return policy. Some guitars are just suck, even if others in the same model are rule. You might get a great guitar, but you might also get a lemon.
Most sites like Musician's Friend give you a grace period. If you don't like the guitar, you can send it back, usually within like 30 days. Its a pain in the ass, but if you really have no better option, it's worth it.

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