Semi- punk rock song I wrote, tell me what you guys think

Keep quiet or else they'll hear,
The smallest noise, they instill the fear,

An assembly line of lives,
A year's salary that's the prize?,

They call it freedom that never ends,
But when its written it always bends,

There's more than you think and than you see,
But their version is seen easily,

Stand back out of the way,
Then again, just stay,
Come on, they're working for us,
Keeping the waves less dangerous,

Don't think don't sleep,
Because at night they reap,

Don't listen to what you may think,
What's in your food, what's in your drink,

It seems like there's no hope,
We're on a train, on a downward slope,

A worn society, they wipe it clean,
Oil it up for the new machine.
Personally, I'm not a fan of keeping it in two-line stanzas, I think that there could be a bit more to the verses.
However, the lyrics seem good,
But don't bump your posts, dude.